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Brian Moss leading his congregation
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Churches helping one another for the global glory of God ​

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PASTORS: It takes a team to build the DREAM!

Let our TEAM help you build God's DREAM

Legendary NFL Coach Tom Landry once said, "Coaching is getting people to do what they don't want to do so that they can become who they've always wanted to be." That's what coaching has done for our church over the past 25 years and now we want to partner with your church to help you become a healthy, thriving, disciple-making church that is changing lives and transforming your community!

What is the DREAM Partner Network?

The DREAM Partner Network is a group of Church leaders helping one another for the global glory of God. Our goal is to assist you in implementing God’s dream for your church by equipping you with the practical tools you need to grow a healthy, vibrant church and become difference-makers in your community.

We accomplish this by...

Partnering with your church by bringing these four powerful tools.


As a DPN member, your church receives one 1-hour video coaching session per month on the topic of your choice with as many of your staff / leaders from your church as you choose. This approach puts coaching on steroids and invigorates your team to accomplish the DREAM!


The secret sauce of excellence is “borrowing!” 😂 No leader should waste time reinventing the wheel. DPN opens the door for members to access valuable resources that can be customized for your church. Topping the list of resources is our library of sermon series packages and Growth Track materials!


DPN hosts affinity-based text groups that allow for short-form, “in the moment” Q & A, prayer support and encouragement among all the DPN members! Affinity text groups include: Lead Pastors, Worship Leaders, Small Group Leaders, and much more!


Sometimes churches need specialized services to address unique challenges or provide insight. DPN members can request consulting services such as a Secret Shopper visit, Strat-Op assistance, Business Administration help, Worship Production reviews, etc. at an additional negotiated fee.

But wait...there's more!

DPN members also receive discounts on conferences, events, and offerings!

Why You Should Join the DREAM Partner Network

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